Troy Hitt

CF-L1 Trainer/Founder

At 39 my activity level was alarmingly low, and although I could still swing a golf club, I can assure you I was better trained at expanding the depth of the dip in the couch. Like so many others, it was a rigorous schedule of returning home from work and sitting in front of the TV for the remainder of the evening. It was so easy; I had no reason to change my routine. Until I realized my family was counting on me. My wife and I have four children. We also have four cats and four dogs; all of whom rely on us to be there- and to be healthy- for many years to come. I believe most of us have tried the traditional globo gym. We go into it with visions of a sleek body by summer. We give it our best, then after a month of trying to stay motivated we skip a week here and there, until one day we realize that we can’t recall when we went last. And the worst part: as long as we keep paying the dues, no one even cares that we have stopped coming. I knew something had to change. That ‘something’ came in the form of CrossFit.




James (Jimbo) Cormier

CF-L1 Trainer/Partner

Jimbo & Emilie met at CrossFit in May of 2014. Emilie jokes that she came to try CrossFit & stayed because of Jimbo! They have since gotten married and are currently expecting their first baby. Jimbo has his Level 1 Certification and has been with Haste since the doors opened. His enthusiasm and light hearted attitude make him a box favorite. Emilie’s passion for CrossFit is well known to everyone she encounters. She is currently studying for her L1 and will be certified very soon! Jimbo & Emilie are thrilled about being the new owners and are looking forward to growing Haste & becoming more involved in the local CrossFit community.


Nicole Hitt

CF-L1 Trainer/Partner


Ryan McCreary

CF-L1 Trainer

Ryan is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer from Houston, TX. He has been involved in athletics his entire life. He ran track and cross country at Jersey Village High School and competed at the regional level in both. Ryan began crossfitting in his backyard in October of 2010, and joined the coaching staff in June of 2013. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M, and currently owns/operates a Marine Services Company.


Bob Danley

CF-L1 Trainer, CF Mobility Certified

Bob is a Crossfit Level 1 trainer, along with having the Crossfit Mobility Certificate. His athletic background consists of high school baseball, water polo, and collegiate baseball. Bob was introduced to Crossfit by his wife Salina in California. They started coaching in 2015.


Salina Plumb Danley

CF-L1 Trainer, CF Mobility Certified

Salina is originally from Paso Robles, CA and is a Crossfit Level 1 trainer, along with having the Crossfit Mobility Certificate. She grew up playing sports and was on the high school Rodeo Team as well as the college Rodeo Team, competing at both the State and National levels. She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BS in Kinesiology, and an emphasis in Sports Medicine. Salina began crossfitting in 2012 at Crossfit Northern Inferno.


Ashley Stewart

CF-L1 Trainer

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