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CrossFit Haste is located in the heart of Atascocita Texas. In addition, it's a short ride across Lake Houston from Huffman so it's a convenient way to start your fitness program close to home or on your way to the big city of Houston for work. Whether you are an athlete, weightlifter, runner or aspire to be the fit person you once were, CrossFit can help you shape your body and your lifestyle into the new you. CrossFit Haste is a community based fitness program designed to introduce elements of functional fitness. Carrying a bag of groceries on your hip, walking up a flight of stairs or putting something into the attic are all things we do in real life. So why not strengthen the muscles we use most?

Many have seen the CrossFit Games. Well we are far from that. Those folks are ELITE! CrossFit Haste will focus on strengthening your core and increasing your endurance. Adding elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, jumping, pushing, pulling and good old fashion squats will get you on the right track. We would love for you to join us and be a part of Forging a Stronger Community!

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